16 April 2018
Ayvalık Gave No Permission to Wind Turbines in the Villages

Ayvalık Mayor Rahmi Gençer: “Ayvalık is a place of natural beauty. We must definitely preserve it.”

Ayvalık Municipal Assembly negotiated on the RES (wind generated power plants) project planned to be founded between Çakmak and Kırcalar villages of Ayvalık at the municipal monthly regular meeting in April. The Assembly validated the RES inhibitory report by unanimous vote.

The municipal zoning commission generated a report regarding the wind generated turbines planned to be constructed in 4 different points between Çakmak, Kırcalar ve Odaburnu villages.

14 April 2018
Fair Municipal Audits in Mudanya by Surveillance Collar Cameras

Mudanya Municipality started the collar camera system for the municipal audits. The audits of the municipal police will be recorded by sound cameras enabling transparent controls.

The audiovisual records might be used as evidence in case of conflicts between the municipal police and the citizens. The Municipal Police Chief Aykut Şener visited Mudanya Mayor Hayri Türkyılmaz to provide detailed information about the collar camera system. Mr. Türkyılmaz said that the new system will ensure fair and transparent municipal audits for both the parties, the citizens and municipal auditors.

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