Tarım Projesi

Ornamental Plants Production with Purchasing Guarantee

Belediye : Muğla Municipality

Belediye Statüsü : Metropolitan Municipality

Projenin Hedefleri

We aim to focus on agricultural production in terms of sustainable economy. To stop purchasing the ornamental plants from other municipalities and use our own resources instead. To export these plants. To present the ornamental plants to low-income farmers as a new product increasing their income.

Kapsadığı Bölge

Köyceğiz district Beyobası neighborhood

Hedef Gruplar

Women producers, low-income farmers, small-scale family establishments.

Beklenen Sonuçlar

An agricultural development initiative was selected as the primal producer. Since none of the farmers in the area had experience on seasonal ornamental plants, the municipality organized training courses of 3 months . Additionally a 90 paged “Seasonal Plants Training Book” was prepared and distributed among farmers. Since most of the farmers are of low-income population, the peat, fertilizers, pearlite, transport boxes etc also delivered to the producers.

At the first year of the project, 17 producers made a net profit of 360.000. This corresponds to an annual income of 21.000 TL.

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