Sosyal Projeler Projesi

Revitalizing the Silk Industry in Defne

Belediye : Hatay Defne Municipality

Belediye Statüsü : District Municipality(in the municipality borders)

Projenin Hedefleri

Revitalizing the home-scale silk industry and for this purpose: To train people to meet the need of silkworm experts and silworm breeders. To plant mulberry trees, where on silkworms would breed and place cocoons. To improve traditional designs. To increase the production capacity by studying all phrases of traditional and natural production. To registrate Defne Silk as a trade mark. To make studies to recreate a traditional silk textile called “Hatay yellow”. To provide information and incentives to investers for to establish silk processing facilities. To employ 5% of the population in silk industry. To raise the silk earnings up to 5% of the gross product GNP.

Kapsadığı Bölge

Defne district at the start-up and all neighborhoods o f Hatay in the long term

Hedef Gruplar

Housewives, disabled and young people are given priority

Beklenen Sonuçlar

A 1,5 acre mulberry field and the stone building inside restored as the project center named “Cacoon House”. The qualified students from Public Training Center and 25 people mainly women applied as trainees. The course programme included extended information from growing silkworms to textile production and lasted for seven months.

The annual cacoon production in Hatay was 138 kgs. İn 2014, whereas 254 kgs of cacoon were produced during the course period in 2015. In order to feed the silkworms, mulberry seedlings were planted in various places of the district.

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