16 October 2017

SODEM joined the EU Open Days in Brussels

The team of SODEM (The Association of Social-democratic Municipalities) joined the Open Days-The 15th European Regions and Cities Week meeting organized by EU Commission and Regions Committee between 09-12 October 2017, where 7000 local politicians and managers established connections with EU representatives. The SODEM team consisted of SODEM President Tunc Soyer, Board Member and Seyhan Mayor Zeydan Karalar, members Suleymanpasa Mayor Ekrem Eskinat, Tepebasi Mayor Ahmet Atac, the municipal assembly members of SODEM member municipalities, vice mayors, municipal representatives and CHP (Social-democratic People’s Party) Local Governments Vice President Seyit Torun accompanied by SODEM Secretary Onur Eryuce and SODEM Attorney Canan Karaosmanoğlu.

SODEM team had met PES Local Vice-President, Member of the Committee of the Regions of the EU, Coulaines Mayor Christophe Rouillon and PES Local Secretary General and Anthisnes Mayor Marc Tarabella to negotiate about SODEM’s membership to PES Local and local collaboration potentials. SODEM team also evaluated the Turkey’s EU membership process and emphasized that EU’s support shall also address the local governments.

SODEM had the opportunity to meet Gianni Pittella, The President of Socialist Group at European Parliament and German AP Parliament member Ismail Ertug at the European Parliament about the local governments’ roles during Turkey’s accession to EU, the agenda of Turkey, SODEM’s accomplishments and future collaborations.

SODEM assembly had also talks with Karl-Heinz Lambertz , The Committee President of the Regions of the European Union (BE/PES) as well as Hicham Imane, The President of Turkey Relations Work Group in the Committee of the Regions of the European Union (BE/PES) and invited them to consider Edirne, Turkey as the next meeting place of the work group.

During the Open Days – European Regions and Cities Week, SODEM assembly had interviews with Myriam Ferran, The Head of the Turkey Office in the Directorate General for Enlargement of the EU, CHP EU Representative Kader Sevinc and Faruk Kaymakci, Ambassador and The Permanent Representative of Turkey at the EU.

There has been a conference on sustainability in cities and resource efficiency, where local municipalities joined in partnership. Tepebasi Municipality participated in this collaboration. Tepebasi Mayor Ahmet Atac made a presentation of the good examples in their government area.

Suleymanpasa participated in the “Actions for Climate Change in Cities and Energy Recycling” partnership. Suleymanpasa Mayor Ekrem Eskinat described the experiences, good examples and services of their municipality at the conference.

SODEM President and Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer joined the ARLEM conference (Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly ) on fair governance and transparency at the Committee of the Regions as a speaker to state his opinions regarding fair governance at local level.

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