Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Supports the People of the Earthquake Region

The Muğla Metropolitan Municipality made significant efforts to treat the wounds caused by the earthquake disaster with its teams and equipment. The Metropolitan Municipality actively participated in search and rescue operations with 180 staff and 58 vehicles.

On February 6th 2023, two major earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 took place in Kahramanmaraş, Türkiye. In the disaster, which affected 10 provinces and more than 30 thousand citizens lost their lives, the whole of Turkey united to overcome this disaster.

From the first moment of the earthquake, specialized search and rescue teams from Muğla Metropolitan Municipality moved to the region. The teams, which were directed to Hatay by AFAD, rescued 28 citizens alive from under collapsed buildings. In addition, 173 staff, 57 work machines and vehicles, 100 tents, 300 heaters, and 3 mobile kitchens were sent to the region. Our teams, which quickly established relief supply centers to meet the needs of the earthquake victims in the region, collected aid from the centers established at 6 points throughout the province and sent them to the earthquake zone with trucks. A wide range of hygiene and other personal care supplies, food for babies and animals; equipment, and other needed supplies were sent to the earthquake zone.

Earthquake victims are settled in Muğla

In addition, the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality brought 306 citizens from the earthquake zone to Muğla and settled 397 earthquake victims and met their needs. The Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Temporary Animal Care Center provides free medical care, rehabilitation, and food support to animals brought from the earthquake zone to Muğla. Soup is also served at the Menteşe bus station for earthquake victims arriving in the city.