Beşiktaş Municipality Earthquake Donations

We continue carrying out our works in Beşiktaş in cooperation with the District Governorate, AFAD, and Turkish Red Crescent. Upon the earthquake news, a total of 99 personnel and 27 support employees belonging to the teams of Beşiktaş Municipality’s Search & Rescue Unit and TAP Association have been sent to İskenderun.

An emergency requirement list has been created in cooperation with Beşiktaş District Governorate and AFAD, and we update it every day. The Beşiktaş residents who reached our call centre have been informed thoroughly, and all citizens have been notified through all our social media accounts, websites, and SMS. We have requested all our citizens to bring their donations to the culture centres, as well as to Etiler Anatolian High School 24/7, and also to the mukhtar bureaus in office hours.

Thousands of our neighbours followed our call, and they brought the donations in line with the list to the MKM Aid Collection Centre; in that regard, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to this process. Many volunteers of all ages have been working hand in hand for the past week. All donations are packed, categorized and being loaded into trucks for those who are in need.

Under the coordination of Beşiktaş District Governorate and AFAD, 14 semi-trucks were sent to the disaster zone in the first 24 hours. As of now, we have loaded 66 trucks and delivered them to Hatay İskenderun, Kırıkhan District Gendarmerie Command, Kahramanmaraş’s Afşin region, as well as the distribution centres in the provinces of Malatya and Adıyaman. The distribution of the aids collected has been carried out by our teams located at the disaster zones.

Total number of materials collected and loaded into the semi-trucks:
- 1,888 boxes of scarves, beanies and gloves
- 12,353 boxes of clothing
- 58,168 pairs of shoes
- 22,154 blankets
- 3,439 boxes of diapers
- 1,050 boxes of baby food
- 4,273 boxes of hygienic products
- Tents for a total of 2,000 people
- 8,456 food items
- 2,146 boxes of heaters
- 400 boxes of medicine
- 19,975 boxes of water
- 665 boxes of sleeping bags
- 325 boxes of electronic devices
The total number of boxes packed and sent to the area is 64,239.
Apart from the semi-trucks, the boxes we have prepared were sent to Hatay’s İskenderun district.

We are going to set up tents for the doctors fulfilling their valuable duties. Two pieces of tents covering 24 square meters will be sent to Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University, and the other two containers will be set up in the Gölbaşı district for doctors.

On the other hand, a Mobile Buffet and a MOBIVET Stray Animal Ambulance is fully capable at the disaster zone. Thanks to our Öğrenci’Ye (MealsForStudents) vehicle, we help earthquake victims to meet their food needs, and thanks to our MOBIVET vehicle, we support our animal friends that need food and veterinary care.

I would also like to mention the other vehicles that we transferred to the areas affected by the earthquake:
- 66 semi-trucks
- A disinfection vehicle to take precautions against a possible outbreak
Our Vector Control Teams have been executing various disinfection processes, and doing their best to take precautions against a possible outbreak at the disaster zone.
- 2 units of 4x4 vehicles
- 2 caravans
- 2 units of mobile kitchens
- 1 food truck
We serve hot soups to the earthquake victims, and try to meet their food needs.
- 5 trucks
- 1 pickup truck
- 1 mobile bathroom
- 4 units of coordination vehicle
- 5 units of construction equipment,
A total of 91 vehicles have been transferred to the disaster zone.
Meanwhile, the professional teams of Beşiktaş Municipality’s Search and Rescue Unit continue their operations tirelessly under the rubble in Hatay’s İskenderun district.
We have transferred the equipment below to support the search and rescue teams:
- 10 spiral grinder machines
- 10 breakers
- 18 generators
- 5 chainsaws
- 1000 gauntlets
- 30 pieces of protective suits, helmets, shoes, coats, and vests
For more than a week, hundreds of volunteers and employees have been working together in Beşiktaş as a one united soul.
There is an incredible unity, friendship, devotion and effort behind this city. We will remove all the rubble altogether. We will heal our wounds together, nobody is alone.