Burdur Municipality Earthquake Donations

Burdur Municipality Fire Department Director Mehmet Ali Ballak made the following statements about the earthquake operations:

"As soon as we received the information about the earthquake, we moved from Burdur to Kahramanmaraş within two hours. We are now in the 76th hour of the earthquake, we still have hope, we are hopeful. We estimate that there are about 60 of our citizens in the ruins you see behind me. We rescued three of our citizens alive, unfortunately, we lost 6 of them. Our work continues intensively, but we are trying to proceed very carefully and slowly because we still have the hope that the citizens under the ruins are still alive. We received a sound around 04.00 in the morning and our friends came from three floors below the area. We are opening a tunnel from above and trying to move toward that sound. Hopefully, we will rescue them safely. We rescued our 7-year-old girl Elif. We saved her by talking to her for a long time. She was in good health, she said why did you tear my coat, she said don't leave without buying me a coat, we will fulfill our promise to her. All of this is good news, all of this is hope. It is a difficult period, a difficult process, there are so many collapsed buildings, so many ruins. The weather conditions in the first two days of the earthquake were very difficult for both us and the earthquake victims. Hopefully, as soon as possible, we will rescue the last person, connect them to life and leave this place."

Burdur Professional and Technical High School teachers and students produced wood stoves for the earthquake zone.

5 teachers and 5 students at the school produced wood stoves from the materials purchased with the support of industrialists to be delivered to the earthquake zone.