Zeydan Karalar, "Healing the wounds of the earthquake is very important for the future of our country."

Zeydan Karalar (Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality) attended the meeting held at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Disaster Coordination Center in Hatay, where the earthquake caused heavy destruction, and visited the center and districts of Hatay.

Mayor Zeydan Karalar, who visited the center and districts of Hatay, also visited the search and rescue and other Metropolitan teams who completed their work in Adana and helped the other city. He thanked everyone who worked hard in the city and tried to heal the wounds of the people.

While 10 cities have been devastated by the two Maraş-centered earthquakes, cities that are trying to overcome their own damages are also making efforts to support other cities that have suffered more severe losses.

Zeydan Karalar, Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, has ensured that his teams participate in search and rescue and earthquake relief efforts in Adana with all their capabilities, while also working to heal the wounds of people living in neighboring cities.

Mayor Zeydan Karalar attended the meeting at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Disaster Coordination Center established in Hatay, and then, together with Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, Hatay Metropolitan Mayor Lütfü Savaş, district mayors and deputies, made visits to the center of Hatay and the districts where the devastation was severe. Mayor Karalar also visited Adana Metropolitan Municipality's search and rescue teams and other support teams working in Hatay, as well as the latest situation of the earthquake victims and received information about their needs.


In his speech at the IMM Disaster Coordination Center, he said that measures must be taken to prevent the migration out of Hatay from becoming permanent. Mayor Zeydan Karalar stated that the success of the after-earthquake recovery in Hatay is also very important for the future of Turkey. "We are ready to do whatever we can do. They can inform us about the needs and we will send whatever we have. We are with the people of Hatay, the Turkish people, we are ready to do everything they need."

Mayor Zeydan Karalar, who also examined the tent city works to be established in Samandağ with the coordination of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, 130 tents and 170 beds will be provided for earthquake victims.