Earthquake Solidarity From The Municipality Of Karşıyaka

As Karşıyaka Municipality, (district of Izmir), we carried out our aid operation with the coordination of our Mayor Dr. Cemil Tugay, who mobilized a team on the first day of the disaster, with his coordination in Malatya, Gaziantep Nurdağı, Kayabaşı, İslahiye, Adıyaman Kesmetepe, Pınarbaşı, Hatay and their districts. We delivered food, clothing, hygiene, cleaning supplies, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, heaters, generators, powerbanks, searchlights, and long-lasting saltine crackers and baby biscuits produced at Cordelion Culinary Arts Center to the region. 14 trucks and 2 buses were sent to the disaster area, while 31 trucks and 7 buses were delivered to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to be sent to the earthquake zone. In total, 45 trucks and 9 vans of relief supplies were delivered to the region. In addition to in-kind and transportation aid, we also provide psychological support to the earthquake victims who come to Izmir with our experts.