Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Disaster Activity Report


The first devastating earthquake happened with a magnitude of 7,7 at the epicenter of Kahramanmaraş Pazarcık at 04:17 AM on 06.02.2023 and the second one occurred on the same day at 13:24 PM with a magnitude of 7,5 at the epicenter of Kahramanmaraş Elbistan.
After those catastrophic earthquakes, all support and aid provided by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in the disaster areas are summarized as of 14.02.2023 accordingly;
● 451 firefighters and support staff, 91 vehicles, 119 specified vehicles, and other types of equipments are provided.
● Various aids consisting of humanitarian consumption materials such as dry food, blankets, tents, diapers, food, etc. were dispatched to all disaster areas right from the first day. Besides, trucks and vehicles containing bread, water, hygiene, and food materials were sent to the 12 February district and Kahramanmaraş-Center as well as the İskenderun and the Pazarcık districts.
● 150,000 pieces of bread were distributed in the disaster areas mainly in Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, and Adıyaman provinces. Furthermore, the bread distribution still continues together with the meals from our soup kitchens.
● Water distributions made with 6 trucks including the Pazarcık district lastly.
● Meals are also distributed to villages from our Mobile Trucks in the Samandağ- Hatay.
● Mobile WC support was provided to earthquake victims in Adana and Hatay provinces.
● In Hatay, 3 internet access points were established. Besides, Hatay Metropolitan Municipality's IT rooms’ management is to be remotely controlled from Mersin and preparations are still ongoing at full speed.
● In total, 483 people were rescued alive from wreckages as of 14.02.2023
● The Department of Cemetery Affairs continues the burial procedures with 100 staff. Body bags and shrouds are sent to disaster areas, and burials still continue in Narlıca and Asri Cemeteries.
● Approximately the burial number of Mersin is 30 a day but this increased to 100 a day with the earthquake victims. Actions are ongoing to establish an orphan cemetery in Davultepe district of Mersin for unidentified victims to be buried.
● Mersin Water and Sewerage Administration (MESKİ) is working in Hatay-Center and Adıyaman Gölbaşı with the support of heavy engineering equipment, rescue materials, and personnel. Technical teams are still working on accessing clean water and operations on the sewerage system in Adıyaman Gölbaşı.


● 300 tents, 30 containers, and 15 mobile toilets have been installed in Hatay, by the date of 13.02.2023. Besides, the delivery of containers and 500 tent orders are expected soon.
● Housing support has been provided to 7,373 earthquake victims in guest houses, dormitories, social life centers, and contracted hotels belonging to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. The temporary accommodation opportunities are provided to earthquake victims who are still coming to Mersin. Also, new accommodations will be launched in 3 different places for 1,200 earthquake victims as soon as possible.
● About 9,000 people are served breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as milk is distributed to children where disaster victims are located at 20 different locations.
● A mobile coiffeur truck (a bus modified with a hair styling saloon) was provided for the earthquake victims' service.
● Psycho-social support and therapy services are provided especially for children by Psychologists and PDR specialists.