Earthquake Solidarity From The Municipality Of Bozkurt

As Bozkurt Municipality (district of Denizli), we took action quickly and effectively to help our citizens affected by the earthquake. At the first stage, we determined the most critical needed materials and conveyed our aid announcements to our citizens. On the second day of the disaster we experienced after the announcement, the 2 truckloads of the benevolent Bozkurt people delivered to us will be needed by the earthquake victims; We shipped food, clothing, water, heaters, diapers, baby food and medicine. All our efforts were coordinated to meet the immediate needs of our earthquake victims and ensure their long-term recovery. On the third day of the disaster we experienced, our Mayor Birsen Çelik and our 4 trained personnel set out for Hatay-Antakya with 2 trucks of basic food and medicine to heal the wounds of our earthquake victims and to meet their needs, even to a small extent. Our municipality will continue to help our earthquake victims and will continue to do their best to return them to normal life. As Bozkurt Municipality and Bozkurt people, we always stand by our citizens and share their pain.