Thanks To The Solidarity Network Established With The Citizens Of Maltepe Municipality, 70 Trucks of Relief Supplies were Sent To The Earthquake Area

Thanks to the solidarity network established with the citizens of Maltepe Municipality, 70 truckloads of aid materials were delivered to the earthquake area. Aid materials consist of 30 thousand children's clothes, 130 thousand adult clothes, 89 thousand 900 blankets, 210 thousand food parcels, 250 thousand packages of water, 110 thousand adult and baby diapers and hygiene materials, 7 thousand 100 baby food, 1500 heaters and 7 generators.

Maltepe Municipality, which was one of the first teams to reach the region immediately after the earthquake, carried out search and rescue work with a team of 30 people consisting of 24 Search and Rescue and 6 health staff. After rescuing 15 citizens from under the ruins, the teams managed to remove a 17-year-old young man named Ali Sarıbay and a 2-year-old baby from under the rubble 91 hours later. It was reported that the health condition of the citizens who were rescued by the Maltepe Municipality search and rescue teams and the first interventions performed by the medical personnel were reported to be good.

Providing health services to the citizens affected by the earthquake in the region, the medical teams of Maltepe Municipality provided medical intervention to 137 citizens and provided first aid to 25 citizens and transferred them to the hospital. In addition, the Directorate of Public Works mobilized 3 work vehicles, 1 excavator (crawler machine) and 2 large tonnage trucks with 6 staff to remove the ruins and rescue the lives in the region.

Thousands of people supported the aid mobilization organized by Maltepe Municipality immediately after the earthquake. A total of 70 trucks were sent to the earthquake zone thanks to the solidarity of thousands of people, which lasted almost 24 hours a day for three days. A team of 37 people from Maltepe Municipality went to Hatay and delivered aid to the districts and villages. The teams also delivered 100 tents to the people in need to solve the shelter problem of the people of the region. The tents were a solution to the shelter problem of 1500 people.