Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Stands By The Earthquake Victims

Mayor Bocek “We will heal the wounds together”

Immediately following the earthquake, the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality mobilized 175 vehicles, including 401 specialized staff, a fire brigade, an ambulance, construction equipment, 27 generators, and 127 trucks, to aid the earthquake victims. Since the first day of the earthquake, according to Mayor Muhittin Bocek, the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has deployed all of its resources "Together, we will heal the wounds. We will always aid our citizens who have suffered from the earthquake "he said.

The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, which has been mobilizing to heal the wounds since the first day of the earthquake, never left the earthquake victims in the earthquake zone or in Antalya alone for even a second. In terms of search and rescue, shelter, hot food, clothing, food and health, it stands with the earthquake victims at all times.


The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade crews performed a candid work in Kahramanmaraş and Hatay, according to Mayor Muhittin Bocek, who added: "Our firefighters saved 79 people from the rubble. With our construction tools, funeral vans, and religious officials, we operate in the earthquake zone. Teams from the Cemeteries Branch Office of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality carry out the transport of the corpses and the burial rituals in accordance with religious standards. A 24-hour funeral service is performed upon the prosecutor's approval in the cemeteries of Defne Asri and Merkez Narlıca in Hatay Toygarlı. The primary responsibility of the ASAT Physical Leak Detection Unit is to use acoustic listening tools to find undetectable water leaks in drinking water networks, and this unit carried 246 acoustic listenings in Hatay's destroyed buildings. It was found that the rescue teams had extracted 95 of the people identified during the hearings alive.”


Mayor Muhittin Bocek stated, "Now we are building a tent city for 600 people in Kahramanmaraş. We also constructed a tent city for 800 people in Hatay Uğur Mumcu Square. We have soup kitchens (1 mobile, 2 fixed, and 4 locations) where our chefs cook meals using our benefactor's equipment. We provide food to 70.000 people. Additionally, a mobile oven with a 10,000 bread manufacturing capacity was installed in Hatay, and hot bread production began.


According to Mayor Muhittin Bocek, the General Directorate of ASAT also performs significant work to solve one of the most significant issues in the earthquake region—the water problem. "ASAT went to the area with 80 technical staff and commissioned 21 drinking water facilities with a total capacity of 250 thousand people in Hatay. ASAT also supported those who had survived the earthquake providing clean water to the people for 24 hours "he said.


The Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Muhittin Bocek, explained that they deployed a 20-person medical team and a 20-bed medical support truck to the area, saying, "While our Antalya Metropolitan Municipality medical teams perform medical interventions, such as dressing and stitching the injured earthquake victims, they also provide health services to all teams, especially search and rescue who work in challenging conditions in the field." "Antalya Metropolitan Municipality health teams, who tour the neighborhoods outside the city center, conduct general health checks of the earthquake victims, assist the injured, and provide medicine” he added.


Mayor Muhittin Bocek stated that 127 trucks transported the humanitarian aid supplies that were gathered at the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Disaster Relief Center, which was established in the Glass Pyramid on the day of the earthquake: "With the support of our citizens in Antalya, our Glass Pyramid area was filled with aid. First off, we dispatched these supplies without delay to the aid station. Our 771 staff members, including those at Glass Pyramid, assisted 75,110 earthquake victims. Whatever we have to do from now on, we will do it together.”


The Doğu Garaj Culture and Trade Center now houses a Clothing Bank with 2 stores, Mayor Bocek announced. "Earthquake survivors can meet their clothing needs here," he added. Deliveries of the essential necessities gathered with the assistance of volunteer citizens at the Cam Pyramid Disaster Relief Collection Center are made in accordance with the needs of the earthquake victims.


As the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, according to Mayor Muhittin Bocek, we are faced with an earthquake disaster that has been called the disaster of the century, and we are working hard to support other provinces Hatay as well as Hatay as well as other. 13.5 million were affected by this earthquake. Together we are strong, as we constantly say. We will heal the wounds of this disaster together. The citizens of Antalya are our strongest supporters in this regard. We have used every resource we have. Together, we will keep providing support, he said.


Mayor Muhittin Bocek emphasized the significance of the Earthquake Master Plan by pointing out that as the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the Earthquake Master Plan studies began in May 2022. We intend to finish the Earthquake Master Plan, which was made in Istanbul in 2000 and in Izmir in 2022, as the third province in Turkey, according to Mayor Bocek, who also claimed that they conducted an Earthquake Master Plan Workshop. I give this a great deal of consideration. We will implement the Earthquake Master Plan into impacts for Antalya's 19 districts, he declared.