Works Conducted By Kartal Municipality For The Kahramanmaraş Earthquake

Kartal Municipality sent fully-equipped search and rescue teams and aid materials to the region in order to meet the needs of the victims of the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, which caused loss of life and property in 10 provinces and stifled Turkey. Mayor, Mr. Gökhan Yüksel and his team, made investigations in the earthquake area and determined the needs on the spot. Our 24 search and rescue staff, 150 search and rescue volunteers, 10 civil engineers, 2 architects, 36 support personnel and 16 heavy equipment have started their work in Hatay.

Since the first day of the earthquake, the products brought by our citizens were collected at Kartal Municipality Organic Market, Bülent Ecevit Cultural Center and Hasan Doğan Sports Complex and delivered to the earthquake zone. Among the 94 aid trucks sent to the disaster area so far, there are heaters, blankets, pillows, various hygiene materials, mobile kitchen, various food materials, bread, kitchen supplies, baby food, drinking water, milk-fruit juice, 500-person tea boiler, tent,generator, life container, technical equipment, search and rescue equipment, work clothes, first aid kits, pet food, stove, wood-coal, bed/duvet, man-woman-child-baby winter clothing, scarf-bere-gloves, baby diapers, shoes, sleeping bags, toys, baby supplies, chargers, powerbank, medical equipment, medicine, sick diapers, masks, carpets, diesel fuel, lighting equipment, pallets.

In order to ensure the coordination and sustainability of aid, 800 square meters of tents were set up in the region. There is a cafeteria, a children's playground, an infirmary and a meeting center in the tent. In addition, in order to meet the humanitarian and basic needs in the region, 4 living containers with 8 people and 32 beds, 2 mobile kitchens, 9 mobile toilets and a food truck were provided. 1 shelter cabin, 45 tents, 1 cellar were shipped to the region. Our teams in the disaster area continue their work.

Our support to earthquake victims' families continues in Kartal as well. In this context, condolence visits are made to the families who come to Kartal, and necessary food materials, hygiene materials, clothes and household goods are supported; Psychological counseling and health services are offered. In addition, it is ensured that they benefit from the study center, kindergarten and courses of our municipality free of charge. Kartal Career Center (KARKAM) has started a study to provide employment opportunities to our unemployed earthquake survivors.