Aydın Metropolitan Municipality's Mobile Kitchen In Adıyaman

The mobile kitchen sent by Aydın Metropolitan Municipality to support earthquake-affected people has arrived in Adıyaman. The mobile kitchen, which has a daily food capacity of 10.000 people, supplies soup and meals to citizens throughout the day.

Aydın Metropolitan Municipality has been mobilized with all its units after the earthquakes that occurred in Kahramanmaraş and affected many provinces. The mobile kitchen, which was on its way to be delivered to the citizens affected by the earthquake, has also reached the region.

The mobile kitchen established by the Metropolitan Municipality in Adıyaman Yeni Mahalle is serving the citizens in the region. Metropolitan Municipality's mobile kitchen staff are working intensively throughout the day.

Mayor Çerçioğlu said that Aydın Metropolitan Municipality will continue to stand by the citizens affected by the earthquake with all its means.