Wednesday, 14 November 2018 18:03


Social Democratic Municipalities Association (SODEM) established in 2011 by twelve social democratic municipalities in İstanbul and in two years the member numbers have reached eighty corresponds to represent a total of nine million people.

The founding aim of SODEM is to establish economical, social and cultural connections between the members of the association and their EU addressee in order the municipalities to raise their service quality and contribute to Turkey’s accession to EU.

SODEM’s projects could be evaluated in four groups:

  1. To establish connections between the members and the addressees to found a collaboration platform: To start and maintain dialogue with the needed institutions on local or international politics, social or cultural life, to build and maintain network connections of collaboration and strategic alliances, to join forces, to allocate joint resources with EU and national partners.
  2. To support member municipalities in reaching and standing for their goals. To declare and represent the ideas, priorities and preferences of the member municipalities inside Turkey, also on international platforms.
  3. To provide performance enhancing services to member municipalities: To exchange of knowledge and experience to increase productivity and to progress in capacity, to compare best practices, to experience solutions and practices of EUcollaboration and to localize such practices.
  4. International and European Representation: To start dialogue between the member municipalities and theEuropean and non-Eurupean addressees on political, social or cultural issues. To facilitate monitoring, assessment, information, representation, PR and liaision services.

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